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Reverend Gary Agner is an ordained minister who officiates for weddings in Temecula, Murrieta and most Southern California locations.

The ceremony most often requested contains no specific religious creed but touches the heart and spirit.   This ceremony is complete as written and can be easily adapted to include selected readings and musical interludes.

As a non-denominational minister, Reverend Agner's services are frequently chosen by couples who are seeking an open-hearted, open minded wedding ceremony where the spirit of god - whether or not named- is present.

"I Knew That I Had Been Touched By Love"

I knew that I had been touched by love
the first time I saw you,
and I felt your warmth,
and I heard your laughter.

I knew that I had been touched by love
when I was hurting from something that happened,
and you came along and made the hurt go away.

I knew that I had been touched by love
when I quit making plans with my friends,
and started dreaming dreams with you.

I knew that I had been touched by love
when suddenly I stopped thinking in terms of "me",
and started thinking in terms of "we".

Author unknown

Southern California Weddings, Temecula Weddings or Murrieta Weddings, wherever your location it is my role to render a meaningful, spiritual Wedding ceremony

Reverend Gary Agner

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Idyllwild weddings and Temecula weddings in Southern California. Non-denominational officiant in Idyllwild, Temecula & all southern California areas. Non-denominational yet spiritual wedding services.