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13 Breathtaking Wedding Venues in Oregon

If you live in Oregon or even if you just visit, you know the state of West certainly no shortage of beautiful places to explore. And for many couples in Oregon, it is important to include the beautiful landscape of the state in their wedding day, whether a lush forest, a mountain view or the rugged coastline.

While the weather in Oregon can be amazing at times, it can also be difficult to plan around when it comes to weddings. With this, it is even more important to find the ideal place to meet your needs.

To help you plan Oregon’s most remarkable wedding, we turned to local planner Shauna Karver. “People who marry in Oregon want to show all the beauty that comes from being in the Northwest Pacific, mountains, scenic landscapes, the ocean. September and October have become the sweet spot with the incredible weather and breathtaking views that come with the seasonal change from summer to fall.” However, no matter which month you choose to say “I”, it’s always helpful to have backup plans for heat, rain and even snow.

Meet the expert

Shauna Karver is the owner and artistic director of events J29a full-service wedding planning and event design company.

Getting married in Oregon offers a wide range of venue options, whether you’re looking for simplicity or something elaborate. And your terrain can certainly vary too. According to Karver, the price ranges between $10,000 to $12,000 for many sites, but those also typically include furniture and rental. Many other place options can certainly meet a smaller budget ranging from $ 500 to $ 3000. It all depends on the season, location and what is included.

Ready to find the perfect venue for your wedding in Oregon? Read on for the 13 best wedding venues in the state.

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