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Christie Murphy marries fiancée Jamie Martin in Mexico

Big Brother Season 21 contestant Christie Murphy marries his fiancée, Jamie Martin, in a romantic ceremony in Tulum, Mexico on Saturday, April 23.

On Saturday April 23, Big brother Season 21 runner-up Christie Murphy has married her fiancée, Jamie Martin, in a romantic ceremony in Tulum, Mexico. Christie, a Staten Island native who lives in New Jersey and is now 31, best remembers Big brother fans for working in-game with his longtime friend, Tommy Bracco, and accomplishing their goal of keeping their pre-existing relationship a secret until they were ready to reveal it. Christie has become a Big brother a fan favorite with its in-universe spiritual manifestations and strategic gameplay.

Christie met Jamie shortly after returning home from playing Big brother in 2019. Christie had said she was invited to be on The challenge in Iceland, but she felt that if she left she would have missed out on something bigger, joking that it might eventually be meeting her soul mate. She met Jamie three days later. The couple got engaged in Paris eight months ago. They had an intimate wedding ceremony in December 2021 with their immediate families when they obtained a marriage license in New Jersey. However, they wanted to have a destination wedding ceremony in Tulum, Mexico, a place that holds special meaning for the couple.


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In an interview with We Weekly, Christie and Jamie shared that they celebrated their wedding at the Itzik wedding venue in Tulum, Mexico on Saturday, April 23. They said that their plan to have a wedding in Tulum “We literally talked about it on our 7th date…in Tulum.” the big brother 21 star and Jamie had visited Tulum “super early” in their relationship, and they had joked at the time about running away while they were there. Although they decided against it, they agreed that Tulum would be the site of their wedding someday in the future. Christie wore a beautiful dress from Rue De Seine Bridal and Lovely Bride in Philadelphia with matching shoes from Bella Belle. Guests at the wedding included Christie’s companion Big brother season 21 contestants Analyze Talavera, Nick Maccarone, Holly Allen and Tommy Bracco; Big brother season 19 contestant Elena Davies; and The real world: Saint Thomas and the Challenge star Marie Roda, also a Staten Island native.

Christie and Jamie shared that it was “the most special day of both our lives,” and they can’t stop talking about it and looking at the pictures “In admiration.” They continued to talk about the wedding saying: “Months of planning and picking out every little detail came together and it was perfect! We keep saying it was literally the best night of our lives. Such a blast and such a connection.” Christie and Jamie said they were so grateful for how seamless the wedding week was and how much they loved having their friends and family with them to celebrate. They said the only thing missing was their puppies, Ruffles and Beans, but they were going home to see them.

Reality star Christie was one of the most loving candidates of Big brother season 21. Fans supported her to find happiness. She has now found her true love in Jamie. Congratulations to Christie and Jamie, and best wishes for a lifetime of health and happiness.

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Source: We Weekly, Christie Murphy/Instagram

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