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Christina Trevillian bio: Age, partner, weight loss, marriage, net worth – BBC Auctioneer

Christina Trevillian bio: age, partner, weight loss, marriage, net worth – BBC auctioneer.

Christina Trevillian is a British-American TV personality, auctioneer and entrepreneur. She is a well-known face on television as she has appeared in several antique collecting series including ‘Antiques Road Trip’ and BBC’s ‘Bargain Hunt’.

Trevillian is passionate about antiques and owns her own antique company, Trevanion & Dean. She is a private person, especially when it comes to her personal life, and it is unknown whether she is married or not. She is also not on many social media platforms, only having a Twitter account and an Instagram account, where she usually posts about work and her social life.

Christina Trevillian is also a mother of two beautiful daughters and she frequently tweets about her experiences with them. To start with his biography, let’s take a look at the top ten facts about Trevillian that everyone should know.

Christina Trevillian: Profile Summary

name Christina Trevillen
Age 40-45
sex Women
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 67 kilograms
Measurements 34-32-40 inches
Nationality British
Profession Auctioneer
Twitter @CTrevanion

Christina Trevillen: Early life and education

Christina Trevillian was born in America although the actual date has not been revealed by the auctioneer. In addition to his American status, Trevillian also holds British citizenship. The consensus is that she’s around 40-42 (basically in her early 40s) and recently celebrated her birthday, if hints from her Twitter page are to be believed.

On June 11, 2021, Christina posted about another year approaching, captioning a photo of a bottle of wine and two glasses filled with the drink “Birthday Weekend.” If that’s any indication, she was born between June 11 and 13.

Also, she reportedly earned her first degree at Ferris State University (FSU), Michigan, before earning another in Fine Art Appraisal from the University of Southampton.

Christina Trevillian: Age, height, weight

Christina Trevillian is from age between 40-45 years old. Nevertheless, she has yet to reveal her real age to the public domain.

She stands at the height of 5 feet 7 inches (168 cm). Along with that, she weighs around 138 lbs (67 kg). Despite her growing age, she has retained her body and appearance well. Her recent photos reveal her age.

Is bargain-hunting star Christina Trevillian active on Instagram?

The Bargain Hunt star doesn’t have his own official instagram Account.

However, she is a famous face and she is active on the Twitter account as @CTrevanion. She gained more than 35,000 subscribers there. She often posts about her work related to Bargain Hunt.

Christina Trevillian joined Twitter in March 2013.

Christina Trevillian: Personal and family life

Christina Trevillian is no ordinary celebrity. She is quite famous, but only to a certain extent. At least only people interested in antiques will probably have heard his name.

She hosts the BBC antiques show Bargain Hunt and has a decent number of followers on her social media accounts. On Twitter, she has about 36,100 followers, believed to be largely made up of antique enthusiasts, and another 11,300 on Instagram.

Christina does not have a dedicated wikipedia page and as someone who lives a very private life, her family background is unknown. Although she has a sister named Vicky who suffers from Down Syndrome.

Although she was American born, she also holds British nationality and has lived most of her life in the UK. Trevillian is a Christian, but she has not revealed whether she will raise her children religiously, meaning take them to church before they are old enough to make their own decisions.

She has two children but she keeps their identities hidden and rarely shares their photos online. Her first daughter was born in 2012 and turned 9 in 2021 while there are no details on when she had her second daughter. Christina’s marriage is undisclosed and it is unknown if she is currently married, divorced, or single, as she keeps her family apart.

However, she has a wedding ring on her left finger which traditionally indicates that she is married. She rarely puts her family in the public eye. Christina separates her personal life from media attention and keeps it as private as possible.

Breaking with habit, on January 22, 2021, while talking about the impact of confinement, she posted a photo of her children, her husband and her dog playing in the snow. The photo is taken from behind and their faces are not shown.

Christina Trevallian: net worth

For someone whose life is mostly private except for his professional life, his net worth is also quite difficult to estimate. To date, Christina Trevillian has yet to be featured on a wikipedia page and she seems to be only somewhat famous on TV for being an antiques presenter for the BBC.

Speaking of antiques, she should be worth a few million since she would earn it selling and selling antiques. Some unverified sources estimate that Christina Trevallian’s net worth in 2020 was around $5 million.

Top 10 Facts About Christina Trevillian

  1. Christina Trevillian is an antiques enthusiast specializing in jewelry, silverware and watch appraisals.
  2. She speaks, writes and auctions antiques for a living and has worked in the industry for 15 years.
  3. Trevillian owns and runs an antiques company named Trevanion Auctioneers and Valuers, which she founded in 2014.
  4. She is a graduate of Ferris State University (FSU), Michigan, and holds a degree in Fine Art Appraisal from the University of Southampton.
  5. Christina Trevillian is a member of the National Association of Valuers and Auctioneers and the Society of Jewelery Historians and the Arts Society.
  6. In recent years she has worked as a presenter on the BBC TV show ‘Bargain Hunt’ and pundit on ‘Antiques Road Trip’, ‘Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is’ and ‘Flog it!’.
  7. Trevillian is married but very secretive about her relationship, she has two daughters and the oldest was born in 2012.
  8. She loves pets and often finds herself in the company of her dog.
  9. She has a sister, Nicky, who has Down syndrome.
  10. Although her precise date of birth is unknown, she appears to be in her 40s in 2021 and has an estimated net worth of $5 million.