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Dylan Scott & Jimmie Allen Join For Powerful Song, “In Our Blood”

Dylan Scott and Jimmie Allen have teamed up for a new song, “In Our Blood.” Now, the emotional track finds the singers delivering a powerful message of unity by highlighting the inseparable traits that bind the human race together.

Instead of drawing listeners into the evocative narrative, the two country artists choose to dive straight into it from the first verse like the haunting, “Two black Cadillacs“-esque melody sets the stage.

“We’re all born / Then we all get a name / Then we all grow up / Maybe we’re not the same / But we all got a heart and we all feel pain / Ain’t we? / We could do things a different way / But we all want love / And we all need grace / Everybody bleeds red at the end of the day / Ain’t it? Scott asks questions in the first lines.

Allen joins in the shamelessly honest chorus.

“It’s stronger than the Mississippi / Thicker than the water / Flowing through the veins of / Sons and daughters / Handed down by the blood of our mothers and fathers / Yeah / Sins were washed away by the man on the cross / With that the wars we fought, we won, we got lost with that / We are what we are and we are / Because it is in our blood”, they proclaim with conviction over an overwhelming production.

Ultimately, the song written by Matt McGinn, David Fanning and Brad Rempel sheds light on the fact that in the world of shared human experiences, we can either be pattern breakers or conformists. But whatever we choose, and no matter how far we stray from the norm, we can never run away from who we are by nature, because it’s “in our blood”.

“No matter where you’re from, we have a lot in common. We all bleed red, we all want to love, [and] we all want to be successful. That’s what I love about this song. It’s a beautiful song,” says Allen in a behind the scenes clip.

“In Our Blood” is the final preview of Scott’s second album, Living my best life. Released on August 5, the 16-track LP includes previous songs “Can’t Have Mine (Find You A Girl)”, its title track “Static”, and Scott’s current single, “New Truck”.

Allen, on the other hand, is set to release his third studio album, tulip reader, June 24. The project is named after the street where his late grandmother grew up. Her debut single, “Down Home”, is out now.

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