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Instrumental music is perfect for the ceremony.

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There are nothing like live music at a wedding. The smiles on your guests’ faces will convey how much fun they are having, especially if they are in Jamaica where music is part of our DNA.

From steel band to mento band, calypso to reggae, instrumentals to vocals – live music will bring vibrancy, life and fun to your wedding.

Whether you prefer traditional music, classic songs or modern tunes, your musical preferences will set the perfect tone for your day. The genre, rhythm and amount of music will create the right mood and atmosphere for the occasion.

Types of music

A band of steel

Steel drums are a popular form of entertainment for wedding celebrations in Jamaica.

Acoustic singers

A solo or duo acoustic vocalist is ideal for gatherings where a full band just isn’t the right fit. A solo or duo acoustic wedding singer can light up an intimate space while drawing on the energy of guests.


Alliances abound. A reggae band is a perfect way to get your guests on the dance floor. Our jazz musicians and cabaret artists are also noteworthy.

Tips: There are many details to consider when reviewing live music:

Bands take up more space than a DJ, so when booking your wedding venue consider how much space the venue has if you plan to hire live musicians.

If you love music and can’t decide between a band or a DJ, it’s possible to have both. When hiring a band and DJ, think about the vibe of your wedding. A live band and DJ can drastically change the atmosphere, so watch out for sudden changes in the tone of wedding music.

Sticking to one band or one DJ helps keep the party cohesive and fun for everyone. However, if you go for both, talk to your band and your DJ about the smoothness of the transitions.

Band music can be tailored to your and your partner’s specific tastes, but bands have less variety overall than DJs.

Steel pan bands are popular choices for destination weddings. (Photo: Maciej Bogusz)

Guests can request songs from a DJ, who can play more songs, which can attract more guests to the dance floor at your wedding reception.

Make sure the musicians know the songs that are important to you on your wedding day before confirming them.

Since bands specialize in particular musical genres, you can have your playlist filled with songs you love.

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