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Ocean City Financial Group returns to hosting in-person seminars

Mark Reimet, foreground, Jodie Booth and Chris Kent lead the Ocean City Financial Group team. (Photo courtesy of OCFG)


When it comes to money, especially in these uncertain times with drastic stock market fluctuations, inflation, tuition increases, and unemployment, things can get tricky.

The Ocean City Financial Group (OCFG) team, consisting of founder Mark Reimet and financial planners Jodie Booth and Chris Kent, wants to help people navigate through all the tough questions and provide sound financial advice.

That’s why the OCFG hosts in-person and Zoom seminars to help ease the stress for people planning their financial future, retirement, or college career.

On May 18, the team held its first live seminar after the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, which attracted more than 50 people interested in their financial future.

“In these uncertain economic times, our clients are asking what Ocean City Financial Group is doing to preserve what they have and position their accounts for future growth,” said Reimet, a certified financial planner who opened the OCFG office in 1997 after working in Philadelphia. and New York for several years. “In this difficult environment, we want to stay in touch with our investors to provide educational information on how we are navigating the bear market.”

The May 18 dinner and presentation at the Greate Bay Country Club was attended by over 50 people. (Photo courtesy of OCFG)

May’s seminar at Greate Bay Country Club focused on the current financial climate and constant market changes.

“We want to remind our clients that the stock market has cycles and try not to be emotional in their investment decisions,” Booth said. “The stock market typically undergoes a correction every six to seven years. We had a long bull market; we’ve been through this before.

Among the speakers at the Greate Bay seminar was Vince Tassone, Vice Chairman of First Trust. He discussed the current economy and the road to recovery. Andrew Hull, also Vice Chairman of First Trust, discussed investment opportunities involving green energy.

While the event was meant to be informative, it was also about having a good time and dining with others concerned about their financial portfolios, said Reimet assistant Kristina Krautblatt.

The OCFG plans to hold events every six months that will also include presentations from financial experts. The team plans to hold quarterly educational events.

The next presentation will focus on social security. It will be a Zoom seminar, since it will take place in the summer, when people are away or on vacation. The next event will take place in the fall and in person. The topic in the fall is not yet determined, Krautblatt noted.

For more information about Ocean City Financial Group and to be on the list for the next event, call 609-814-1100 and ask for Kristina or email info@ocfg.net.