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Renee Paquette Explains Why Jon Moxley Wasn’t Dressed Properly at Carmella’s Wedding

Carmella and Corey Graves got married last week. Jon Moxley was one of the guests who attended the ceremony, and a hilarious photo from the event showed him wearing a fanny pack and a Cincinnati Bengals shirt as he was surrounded by all the other wedding guests beautifully. dressed. Mox then wore a black button-up shirt in another photo. So what’s the story here? Did one of these photos capture the real Jon Moxley, while the other was actually his younger brother, Dean?

On Cast with Renee & Miesha, his wife Renée Paquette explained why Jon was not properly dressed. Here is the transcript of what she said, courtesy of F4Wonline:

OK, so what happened was I flew to the wedding the same day. I arrived there Thursday morning. And he was flying from Boston [where that week’s AEW Dynamite was held] and he had to fly to Miami because there were no other flights to get to where their wedding was taking place. And then he had to take an Uber from Miami airport to where the wedding was taking place – after flights had already been delayed. He was already pressing time. Like, I showed up at the wedding with his suit, with his shoes, I had everything. I had to find one of the bartenders. I’m like, ‘Can I hang this somewhere until my husband comes?’ And then he texts me and he’s like, ‘I’ll be there in five minutes.’ I was like, ‘Cool, man. Well guess what? The wedding begins. They walk down the aisle, it’s happening.

As Carmella walks down the aisle, he’s at the entrance with his luggage, dressed like this. And since everyone was getting up to watch the bride walk down the aisle, he was able to sneak up next to me to watch the wedding. So this photo was right after the wedding. And, yes, he wore that. He changed later I will say. It didn’t change to what we fully bought, however. He just put on the black button-up shirt.

She added that Mox accidentally left his shoes at the wedding venue and had a very bad habit of recklessly losing his suits and beautiful clothes.

So there you have it, Cagesiders. What do you think of Renee’s backstory on Moxley’s inappropriate wedding haircut?