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RHOA: Shereé Whitfield’s 10 Most Iconic Quotes

On Sunday, May 1, faithful The Real Housewives of Atlanta fans tuned in to see the highly anticipated return of iconic OG Shereé Whitfield. With longtime cast members Porsha Williams and Cynthia Bailey now absent from the franchise, Shereé fills the void as a familiar and favorite face. Much to the delight of Shereé fans, the editors gave a hard-hitting nod to some of her most iconic moments with a quick audio edit as she strutted her way back to the RHOA stage.

Fans know that Shereé has stepped in and out of her housewife role many times over the years, but they’ve never forgotten her most hilarious and iconic quotes. Whether she’s struggling to explain her business ventures or jerking off another housewife, Shereé’s return promises to provide all-new hilarious moments.


A cool reaction to Kenya’s housewarming party

“Oooohh! Oooohhh! Ooooooooh!”

Sheree talks to the camera in RHoA

RHOA viewers will certainly remember the time Porsha Williams amazingly showed up uninvited to Kenya’s housewarming party. It wasn’t so much Porsha’s entrance that stood out, but rather viewer Shereé’s thrilled and puzzled reaction that made the scene unfold in RHOA the story. Always a scene stealer, Shereé’s silly reaction spawned memes and GIFs galore.

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Fans know that some of Shereé’s best moments come from her larger-than-life facial expressions and funny, unusual sounds. Shereé’s sheer joy at Porsha’s defiant arrival was more memorable than the act itself. The way Sheree leaned back in her seat and only let out a series of “Ooooh!” Ooooh! Ooooh!” makes for a perfectly sideways moment.

It’s his party

“What are the odds of all people it’s Nene who isn’t on the list?”

Sheree talks to the camera in The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Although viewers may have forgotten much of RHOAIn season one, an explosive scene had fans on the edge of their seats as they were introduced to the extravagant force that is Shereé Whitfield. At the series premiere RHOA, the audience watched as Sheree planned a lavish birthday party for herself. The affair was a big deal, and much to NeNe’s embarrassment, her name was omitted from the guest list.

The whole debacle had fans cracking up as Shereé continued to mingle and enjoy her night while NeNe continued to vent her frustrations outside of the party. Shereé’s sly delivery, calling into question the chances of NeNe’s name being omitted from the list, made viewers think that Shereé intentionally plotted NeNe’s mortifying moment.

Shereé calls a spade a “spat”

“I love the doctor my A**!”

Sheree Whitfield listens to the other ladies at the RHOA reunion

Always armed with a fun comeback, Shereé was ready when her short-term love Tiy-E threw a number of nasty insults at her. Sheree clearly had her doubts about her Tiy-E’s career credentials, so she told him her opinion when the two acrimoniously decided to go their separate ways.

Viewers laughed at the way the couple childishly bickered, but when Sheree called out her ex with one last swipe, she unwittingly placed the knee-slapping cherry at the top of the stage. It’s the juxtaposition of Shereé’s entertaining quick wit and cautious nature that makes her one of the RHOAtop cast members.

The Moore mansion still needs work

“You have to make the cut.”

RHOA's Sheree Whitfield

One of Shereé’s most important stories was the vast amount of time and mystery surrounding the construction of his dream mansion, Château Shereé. Shereé was oddly defensive about the status of her home, especially when questioned by new neighbor and cast member Kenya Moore. In retaliation for Kenya’s questions, Shereé sharply pointed out that Kenya’s house lacked the finishing touches.

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The feud between Moore Mansion and Chateau Shereé showed just how picky Shereé could be as she criticized even the most minor details of the Kenyan house. The fact that Shereé noticed Kenya’s missing skirting boards and trim was proof that Shereé could turn a simple observation into a hilarious shadow.

Shereé lodges a complaint

“What happened to customer service?”

Sheree Whitfield RHOA

Sheree proved early in his tenure as RHOA star of being a confessional queen, with her unintentionally funny way of expressing her opinions. Shereé, a high profile woman, was more than a little disappointed with her hired event planner, leading her to ask herself pointedly, “What happened to customer service?”

While it’s completely normal to comment on substandard service, Shereé’s staccato and dry delivery turned his frustrations into a piece of RHOA gold. Always opinionated and perhaps demanding, this heartfelt question summed up Shereé’s personality perfectly.

Running towards a troubled future

“The joggers.”

Sheree Whitfield smiling at the camera.

To the confusion of her fans and fellow castmates, Shereé’s adventures have always been a bit of a mystery. For years RHOA viewers were teased with the launch of Shereé’s fashion brand, SHE by Shereé, but the designs never seemed to materialize. When asked about the clothing line during the Season 10 reunion, Shereé simply and confusingly replied, “Joggers.”

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The memorable “Joggers” moment at the reunion seemed to unnerve everyone, especially the host, Andy Cohen. It seemed like Sheree misunderstood the question or was perhaps anticipating a different question. “Joggers” and the mystified looks around the room created another inducing laugh RHOA moment.

Mrs. Whitfield sings a melody

“Hell to Naw… To The Naw, Naw, Naw.

Sheree Whitfield smiling while speaking to the camera in RHOA.

Although Shereé isn’t the original singer of Bishop Bullwinkle’s viral song, “Hell to the Naw Naw,” Shereé’s rendition certainly sticks with it. RHOA Fans. Shereé’s dry delivery of the song’s lyrics, coupled with the visual of her sipping a drink and flashing a smile, has continued to make fans laugh since the moment aired in 2016.

It’s no mystery why RHOA the editors made the choice to feature an audio clip of Shereé singing “Hell to the Naw” as he made his debut as a full-time housewife. As the song found new life on Tik Tok, the real RHOA fans will always associate the melody directly with Shereé.

“ELLE by Sheree” is on the way

“Probably more September… Or uh, that’s spring, summer.”

Sheree Whitfield The Real Housewives of Atlanta

The elusive fashion queen didn’t have a straight answer for Andy Cohen when he asked for a timeline for the launch of the SHE by Shereé brand. In his signature way of dancing around the truth, Shereé delivered the iconic line that serves as the basis for his most recent RHOA tagline, “Spring, Summer, or September, I’m the one you always remember.”

Shereé’s iconic Spring/Summer/September hike has become comedic vernacular for RHOA fans when describing uncertain timelines. While viewers may never know why Shereé has been so evasive about her business, watching her squirm as she answers even the most basic questions often results in a fun time.

Shereé gets sneaky

“I just wanted to change it up a bit.”

Shiree Whitfield looks serious in RHOA.

Viewers of the first seasons of RHOA will remember the recurring chaotic friendships between NeNe Leakes, Kim Zolciak and Shereé. This murky dynamic was clear in a now-famous scene in which Nene and Shereé decide to confront Kim’s two-faced tendencies at a party. Sheree methodically wrapped her fingers around a strand of Kim’s signature blonde wig as the two continued to argue.

During her confessional, Shereé expertly explained the motivation behind her actions, letting the audience know that she never intended to remove Kim’s wig from her head. By “moving” the wig, Shereé let fellow OG Housewife Kim know that she was done with her backstabbing with a move that was almost symbolic of Shereé’s dominance.

A major reality check

“Who’s gonna check me, Boo?”

Sheree Whitfield raising her hand while speaking on RHOA.

Providing one of the best lines of real housewives story, Shereé truly earned icon status with “Who gon’ check, me boo?” In a completely unexpected scene, viewers watched Sheree set up party planner Anthony after the two argued over the details of her event. Shereé’s quick and sharp tongue helped her deliver one of the most defining lines in franchise history.

From the stern look on Shereé’s face to the fun visual of her sunglasses inside, viewers expressed how much they loved the hilarious moment. The line has power and remains a favorite in all real housewives franchisees.

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