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Riverside Mansions site allowed to remain open – with new conditions

A wedding venue that sparked calls from police to shut down due to noise complaints and anti-social behavior has been allowed to remain open – but with strict new conditions.

The Three Rivers District Council Licensing Committee has given the green light for Riverside Mansions at Hunton Bridge to continue operating, but only a maximum of 100 guests will be allowed at a time.

Outside promoters were also banned after police compared the Old Mill Road venue to a “party spot” after a series of incidents over the summer.

Hertfordshire Constabulary had asked the council for a review of the license for the premises of Riverside Mansions, with an officer claiming that the place was “mainly used as a nightclub”, adding that the place was more like that of “Ibiza or Marbella “as a residential part of Hertfordshire.

Police visited Old Mill Road three times in July, responding to complaints about noise, fights and parking related to the “hundreds” of guests frequenting Riverside Mansions.

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Residents told the licensing committee they knew of people who took their children elsewhere once they learned events had returned to avoid disruption, while others say they saw revelers urinating in the area. outside and offer money to park in their driveways.

Riverside Mansions apologized for the inconvenience caused by parking during the events and said they had no intention of causing problems for residents.

During the hearing on September 30, Victoria Gutsul, responsible for the site’s designated premises, said she would no longer be hosting similar large events in the future.

Representing the venue, David Dadds said there was an acceptance that the events had caused inconvenience by irresponsible parking by some of the customers, and apologized to residents.

The first two incidents happened on July 3 and 11 during England’s matches at EURO 2020, before an event on July 17, hosted by an external promoter and billed as a brunch, also received complaints from residents .

Between the last two events, police, council and environmental health officers met Ms. Gutsul, but the problems persisted.

Speaking at the council hearing, Sergeant Luke Mitchell said that meant he was concerned that if the license conditions were revised they could be ignored again. He added: “I haven’t seen anything that gives me confidence that she will be able to manage this property.”

However, the site said that after the problems with the July events, the company had no interest in hosting similar events again.

Mr Dadds told the committee that the owners “accept and recognize” their premises can no longer be used for big events, but said comparisons to a nightclub were overblown.

He added that in the future, the company will focus on small family events such as weddings, baptisms and birthdays.

When the license was granted in November last year, council documents indicate that the original license application submitted to the council described Riverside Mansions as a “small wedding venue.”

The original license also required all attendees to come via a shuttle bus from an organized hotel, and Mr Dadds added that it will be easier to apply for the type of events the venue will focus on.

The decision to tighten up the site’s license was made following a meeting of the District Council’s licensing subcommittee on September 30.

A decision released on Oct. 8 failed to revoke Riverside Mansions’ license entirely, but operators will have to meet more stringent conditions.

These include the removal of Ms Gutsul as the current supervisor of the designated premises, the ban on events promoted outside and the broadcast of live sports, as well as a capacity limit of up to 100 persons.

The council also said that licensed activities will have to end at 11 p.m. and that the use of fireworks will be limited to New Year’s Eve, bonfire night and Diwali celebrations.

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