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Shrewsbury pub and wedding venue ‘closed until further notice’ as new owners plan to reorganize

The Mytton and the Mermaid at Atcham

The Mytton and Mermaid in Atcham, near Shrewsbury, has been taken over by Brunning and Price – the hotel company which owns The Armory in Shrewsbury and The Woodbridge in Ironbridge.

A planning application has been submitted to Shropshire Council to carry out a range of works including a redesign of the pub, a new walled garden, three electric car charging stations and a redesigned car park. It is currently pending review.

The company also wants to remove the existing entrance for a new glazed opening and install new bedrooms for the staff.

The design and access statement, which was submitted as part of the planning application, emphasizes that the redesign is necessary to attract continued clientele, and highlighted the impacts of the Covid pandemic in terms of damage to hospitality businesses, and how many customers now prefer to drink and eat outdoors.

‘The existing public house is an important community recreation center in the Atcham area,’ he said. “It provides an established and valued community leisure facility, which enhances opportunities for social interaction. Appropriate alteration, refurbishment and improvement of existing guest and staff accommodation in this existing hotel/public house is required to help attract patronage and facilitate the continued economic health of this important and valued community recreation facility.

“The importance of outdoor facilities has become all too evident throughout the Covid pandemic and the resulting restrictions on the operation and trade of the hospitality and leisure sector.

“While legal restrictions have been eased for now, customer demand for outdoor facilities is unlikely to dissipate in the foreseeable future, whether or not central government restrictions are reimposed. Many customers choose, by preference and regardless of any current legal restrictions, to use outdoor seating, as they feel more comfortable, safe and more willing to patronize hospitality and leisure businesses while doing so. all assistance remains to be provided for the foreseeable future and maximizing the use of outdoor spaces will be key in this regard.”

So far, one objection has been raised by a local resident, fearing that the changes to the car park could cause more flooding problems in the adjacent Malthouse Lane.

Brunning and Price were approached for comment.

To view the full planning application, visit Shropshire Council’s planning portal, using reference 22/01538/LBC.