Wedding venue

Strangers fill the wedding venue after the couple received a few RSVPs

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — A bride-to-be in Las Vegas has gone from barely any RSVPs at her wedding to hundreds.

It all started when a post Minnie Shahay posted on Facebook explaining her dilemma received far more traction than she ever imagined.

Now she has a waiting list of complete strangers who have become her friends.

Sound strange? Well, Shahay admits she thought so too at first.

Now they will fill those empty chairs for one of the best days of his life.

But, you’re probably wondering: how did this happen?

“I didn’t get my RSVPs back, I didn’t get them back, I didn’t get them back and then all of a sudden my family started telling me – I can’t do it, I can’t not get the leave, or I go here or I go there,” Shahay said.

The venue has been booked, the decorations chosen and the invitations sent out with everything paid for.

So, Shahay first took to Facebook, just talking about what happened, but then she decided to give people the opportunity to attend.

“I thought I would get maybe 10 or 20 responses. People were saying I would come, I would come and I was like oh my god, these people would actually come to my wedding,” Shahay said.

To his surprise, hundreds turned up, with some even offering to travel across the country for the big day.

Strangers turned friends turning a bride’s nightmare into a dream wedding.

“It’s so overwhelming. I’m really looking forward to meeting all my new friends. So just happy I can look up and see people smiling and happy for me and they’ve made the effort to come to my wedding,” Shahay said.