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Treasures of God | Opinion

I wonder, during those days, what was his mother Mary thinking? Did she wring her hands? Did she doubt? Did she follow through the crowd? Did she take care of him during his visit to Nazareth?

Having just celebrated Holy Week, we know that Jesus’ earthly ministry has come to an end. It was on a tree, a cross outside Jerusalem, that Jesus was suspended in the balance, lifted up between heaven and earth. This is where he suffered, where he died. And although we don’t know what Mary was thinking, we do know what Jesus did. On the cross, Jesus, the Son of God, cherished his mother.

Seeing his mother standing, Jesus called her and his beloved disciple and simply said, “Woman, behold your son. And to the disciple [whom he loved], ‘Here is your mother’” (John 19:26b-27a, NIV). Jesus’ final act of self-sacrifice at the hour of glorification ironically fulfilled the one commandment that was given with the promise to live long in the land. Until the end, Jesus honored his mother. Then, fulfilling all the prophecies and promises regarding his redemptive life and sacrifice, Jesus died. He died for his mother, his brothers, the centurion who stood guard, and for all of us sinners who would come by the grace of God through faith in him.

Today, my friend, I don’t know if you have a mother or a mother figure in your life, or if you have experienced motherly love as God intended. But I know, God cherishes motherhood.

In the Gospel of John, the mother of Jesus appears only twice, at the wedding and at the cross. In both cases, humanity was faced with a dilemma: the first was a dilemma of joy, the second a dilemma of sin. In both cases, Jesus responded perfectly and fulfilled his role as Son of God and that of his mother. And Mary, who was standing nearby, presumably received her answer at once like all broken people do, by simply trusting her. If you are a mother or a mother figure, I pray that you will know this Mother’s Day that God cherishes you. You have one of the highest callings and responsibilities in the universe, a calling that is impossible outside of his grace. I pray that you know him, the source of our joy and our redemption. You are loved.