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Unrecognizable bride on wedding day after Covid delay allowed her to throw 11 stones

A woman who hated her looks was able to throw 11 stones before her wedding day after the pandemic delayed her wedding date by two years. Melissa Williams, from Bridgend in South Wales, weighed 25lbs and 4lbs when the church was first booked in 2020, but had completely transformed her appearance by the time she was finally able to walk in the ‘aisle.

The 27-year-old’s big day was delayed for two years due to Covid chaos, meaning she had to go out to buy an entirely new dress to marry her partner Chris, 29, in April this year. In the meantime, the stay-at-home mom had gone from a size 30 to a size 16.

So while scheduling issues would have been a nightmare for most, it finally gave Melissa the chance to turn her life around, WalesOnline reports. “As far back as I can remember, I’ve been great,” she said.

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“I was a secret eater, a binge eater – I had Chinese and Indian takeaways about four times a week. The weight climbed on me and all of a sudden I was 25 pounds and I was carrying a size 30-32.

“I was miserable and didn’t leave the house. I cut myself off from everyone around me and initially dreaded getting married.

“I hated the dress I bought, but I just got it for fun because I knew no dress would look good on me.”

And, in a desperate bid to get her life back, Melissa underwent weight loss surgery in August 2021. And her parents, Lynne, 67, and Tony James, 58, were so worried about the dark place in which she happened to be offered to pay £11,250 for her gastric bypass surgery.

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Melissa and Chris on their wedding day

“I had completely lost myself,” Melissa said. “My parents were so worried about me and just wanted me to get better. I was humbled by my appearance. I had taken my son, six-year-old Charlie, to an amusement park and had a ride with him. .

“The bar wouldn’t come down and I was asked to get off the carousel. I’ve never felt more embarrassed than I did then. I also felt so bad for Charlie. I couldn’t even walk around or run with him in the fields because of my size.

“I could barely walk to the end of the street. I was on high blood pressure medication and had severe back pain. My health was deteriorating and I knew something had to change.” As a result, she said she felt amazing at the wedding.”

Mellisa ready for her hen after her weight loss
Mellisa ready for her hen after her weight loss

Melissa added: “I’m so happy our wedding got pushed back because I felt amazing that day. My new dress was a size 16 and it was great to look at myself in the mirror while wearing it.

“Then, during our honeymoon in Gran Canaria, I even wore a bikini for the first time in my life.

“I feel better now than ever and am so much healthier. It was the best decision I have ever made and I had the best wedding day I could have ever dreamed of.”