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UP bride cancels wedding after groom fails to hire photographer

Bride refuses to marry groom after failing to find wedding photographer

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  • A bride refused to get married after her fiancé failed to hire a wedding photographer.
  • The UP incident is the latest in a series of similar releases.
  • Despite her family’s insistence, the fiancée called off her wedding.
Many women in Uttar Pradesh are starting to realize that they have a say in marriage and don’t seem to be shy about using that power lately.
In recent months, Indian brides have called off their weddings because the groom was bald, showed up drunk or lacked education.
The latest addition to this string of unusual rejections emerged (again) from UP Sunday when a bride refused to marry her fiancé after he failed to hire a photographer for the wedding.
A farmer’s daughter from a village in Kanpur Dehat district was supposed to marry a man from Bhognipur. Preparations were nearly complete with the stage fully decorated for the “Jaimala” ceremony when the baraat (bridal procession) arrived.

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After being greeted with great fanfare by the bride’s family, the groom took the stage for the garland ceremony only for the bride to notice that something was missing.

As soon as she realized there was no photographer to capture the big day, the furious bride walked off the stage and literally stepped on her fiancé just before the ceremony.

She would have been at a neighbor’s house after leaving the scene. Despite her family’s best efforts to convince her, the steadfast woman did not budge.

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“The man who didn’t care about our marriage today, how is he going to take care of me in the future?” she says.

The case was finally resolved at Mangalpur police station where the two families mutually agreed to return the gifts and money they had exchanged.
“Both parties returned the goods and money they gave each other. After that, the groom left for his hometown without a wife,” Deputy Inspector Dori Lal said.

“There was a dispute about the photographer and the videographer that the groom did not arrange, because of which the girl got angry and refused to marry,” he explained.

The UP incident draws attention to one of the deepest questions What’s the point of getting married when you don’t have pictures to show?