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Weddings, coronations, funerals – The role of Westminster Abbey in the life of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral will take place at Westminster Abbey, the historic church in central London that played a major role in her life.

1934: Princess bridesmaid

In her first major appearance at Westminster Abbey, eight-year-old Princess Elizabeth of York was a bridesmaid at the wedding of her uncle Prince George, Duke of Kent, and Princess Marina from Greece and Denmark on 29 November.

It was the first royal wedding to be broadcast on radio.

1937: coronation of the father

King George VI was crowned on May 12, five months after the abdication of his brother King Edward VIII.

“I found it all very, very wonderful,” Princess Elizabeth, 11, said in a handwritten account.

“In the end, the service became rather boring as there were only prayers.”

Afterwards, Elizabeth and her sister Margaret helped themselves to “sandwiches, stuffed rolls, orangeade and lemonade”.

11/21/1947 London, England – King George VI and Queen Elizabeth lead the procession of the crowned heads of Europe as the distinguished group descends the aisle from the altar of Westminster Abbey.

1947: Elisabeth marries Philippe

The Nov. 20 wedding lifted some of the post-war gloom.

Having renounced his Greek and Danish titles, Philip was created Duke of Edinburgh.

The ceremony was broadcast by BBC radio to 200 million people worldwide.

So soon after World War II, Philip’s three surviving sisters, who married German princes, were unable to attend.

Princess Elizabeth still needed ration coupons to buy the satin for her Norman Hartnell dress.

1953: The coronation

The June 2 coronation saw Queen Elizabeth take the sacred vows of lifelong service which she has kept throughout her reign.

It was their first TV show and for many it was their first time watching TV.

Some 27 million of Britain’s 36 million people have done so. It was also filmed in color and experimental 3D.

The service lasted nearly three hours. Some 8,251 guests attended, crammed into temporary bleachers, while 129 nations and territories were officially represented.

In 2018, the Sovereign called the Gold State Coach ride “awful”.

Queen Elizabeth II walks down the nave of Westminster

Queen Elizabeth II descends the nave of Westminster Abbey after being crowned during her coronation ceremony.

1960: Margaret marries

Queen Elizabeth’s sister Princess Margaret was talked out of marrying equerry Peter Townsend in 1953 because he was divorced.

She married photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones on May 6 in the presence of their artist friends.

Their father having died in 1952, Prince Philip walked Margaret down the aisle.

The Earl and Countess of Snowdon separated in the early 1970s and divorced in 1978.

1973: Anne’s wedding

Princess Anne was the first of Queen Elizabeth’s children to marry, marrying Army Lieutenant Mark Phillips on November 14 in a ceremony that was filmed in color and televised around the world.

Unusually, Phillips, an Olympic gold medal-winning rider, did not win a title. The couple divorced in 1992.

Princess Anne (later Princess Royal) and Captawedding ceremony at Westminster Abbey in London.”/>

Princess Anne (later the Princess Royal) and Captain Mark Phillips leave the West Gate after their wedding ceremony at Westminster Abbey in London.

1986: Andrew and Fergie

After Prince Charles and Diana were married at St. Paul’s Cathedral in 1981, Queen Elizabeth’s second son, Prince Andrew, married Sarah Ferguson, the daughter of a major.

The July 23 event followed the large-scale pattern established five years earlier.

The couple have two children, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie. They divorced in 1996 but remain close.

1997: Diana’s funeral

Queen Elizabeth has been criticized for her seemingly distant response to Diana’s death in a car crash in Paris.

Nearly a million people lined the streets, while an estimated 2.5 billion people watched the September 6 service on television.

As the motorcade passed Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth publicly bowed her head.

Diana’s brother Charles Spencer chastised the royal family in his eulogy. The Windsors took notice and gradually began to modernize.

Funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales, at Westminster

Funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales, at Westminster Abbey.

2002: funeral of the Queen Mother

The April 9 funeral of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother marked the end of an era. Aged 101, the royal matriarch was India’s last empress and a link to a bygone era.

More than 200,000 people filed past his coffin as a sign of respect.

Two months after Margaret’s death, the death sparked an outpouring of public mourning and sympathy for the monarch, following years of hostility over Diana’s death.

2011: William and Kate

On April 29, the biggest royal wedding of a generation was watched by almost two billion people around the world and helped breathe new life into the British monarchy after years of crisis.

Queen Elizabeth allowed William to tear up the stuffy original guest list and start over, bringing in more of their own friends rather than dignitaries.

    Newlywed couple HRH Prince William of Wales and h

HRH newlywed couple Prince William of Wales and his wife Catherine (Kate) leave Westminster Abbey after the end of the royal wedding ceremony.

2013: Anniversary of the coronation

Following Jubilee events throughout her reign, the June 4 service was the last major personal birthday Queen Elizabeth attended at Westminster Abbey.

The shimmering solid gold crown and the holy oil used to anoint it took center stage.

The 60th anniversary service reflected his coronation and his life since.

Queen Elizabeth smiled as she paused by the coronation chair she had sat in 60 years earlier.

2022: Prince Philip Memorial

The Queen was last at the Abbey in March, for a delayed memorial service to her late husband, Prince Philip, who died in April 2021, aged 99.

But her appearance was overshadowed by the sight of her second son, Prince Andrew, helping her sit down, despite outrage over her settlement of a US civil action for sexual assault.

Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of York leave the af

Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of York leave after a service of thanksgiving for the life of the Duke of Edinburgh, at Westminster Abbey in London.

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