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What you need to know about British Eurovision star Sam Ryder

Even allowing for patronage from the Ukraine Kalush Orchestra, Essex lad Sam Ryder is set to produce the UK’s best Eurovision performance since Jade Ewen finished fifth in 2009.

His song, space man, sounds like a dream song from Eurovision 2022 – it’s epic, dramatic, uplifting and just a little cheesy. And the man himself threw himself into the heavy labor required to win the competition, singing the song everywhere from street corners to chat shows.

Sam ‘Hair Wolf’ Ryder seems destined for stardom, but what do you know about him?

Full Name: Sam RyderRobinson

Age: 32 (born June 25, 1989)

Place of birth: Maldon, Essex

Family matters: Sam says his parents aren’t musicians but he grew up in a house full of music. “Terre Vent et Feu, Beau Sud, Reine. Even now, they’re listening to the same records at full blast. And I mean full blast,” he says.

Career: Although he seems to have burst onto the scene out of nowhere, Sam has had a solid career in music, playing guitar and fronting a variety of predominantly rock bands and even recording a solo album, which didn’t go down well. never came out. He recently worked in construction and played part-time in an alliance.

Big cut: Sam has become a TikTok sensation during the pandemic by filming himself applying his unique falsetto to a range of pop classics, starting with Britney’s (Hit me again baby. His effervescent performances caused a stir and he now has 12.4 million followers on the platform. His viral videos caught the attention of TAP management.

How was born his Eurovision song, Space Man? Sam co-wrote the cosmic pop ballad with his Queen and David Bowie notes featuring Amy Wadge, best known for co-writing Ed Sheeran songs like Thinking out loud and Save me, a year and a half ago. But that was long before he was chosen.

Sam told Eurovision: “I wrote the song in 15 minutes. It was an incredible process. The dream is that when you walk into a studio to write a song with other people, it feels effortlessly. And in a way, a good song will feel like it has nothing to do with you, because you don’t feel tired afterwards. It just comes and you just have the chance to be there at the right time to catch it. And all you really have to do is, if it’s a good song, step away from it. You’re there like a little conduit for it to come down. And that’s what happened that day.

How he was selected for Eurovision: Sam received a call from the BBC in January saying they had heard space man. “God knows how, but they said, ‘Would you like to sing it at Eurovision?’ and obviously I’m a big fan so I said yes!

the Eurovision Song Contest Final will air on BBC One and BBC iPlayer plus via BBC Radio 2 and BBC Sounds on Saturday 14 May from 8pm.