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10 films to get through the January blues


January is known for the post-Christmas blues, people often end up in landfills, whether it’s because of failed New Year’s resolutions, financial stress after Christmas, or just cold, gloomy mornings.

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One thing that continues to be there through all the post-Christmas emotions is the world of cinema: there are movies that prioritize humor, movies that are easy to relate to, and even movies to cry about. These are just a few movies guaranteed to get you through the January blues and fill those dark evenings when it’s too cold to leave the house.


Singing in the Rain (1952)

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January is usually the month of miserable moods and miserable weather, but the 1952 musical Sing in the rain will make viewers dance with their umbrellas. The film highlights the cinema’s transition from silent to talking movies of the 1930s, but it is not just a story of cinematic progress.

The film follows Don who gives up his on-screen love interest for a real one when a backing vocalist arouses his interest. Sing in the rain is a wholesome love story with a series of great musical numbers that leave viewers humming and tapping their feet. It reflects a classic Hollywood era through a star cast that’s guaranteed to erase those January blues through the power of music, love and dance.

Mom Mia! (2008)

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Meryl Streep Musical number in Mamma Mia

Nothing sounds better than a trip to Greece to escape the work that piled up over the holiday season but perhaps a trip less dramatic than Mom mia. The film follows Sophie as her wedding approaches and guests begin to arrive, but among those guests are three men, all of whom have the potential to be Sophie’s father much to her mother’s surprise.

The delicious musical Mom mia features some of ABBA’s best songs to date alongside a great cast, but underneath the incredible dance numbers there’s also an interesting storyline that leaves viewers feeling whole by the end of the film.

We are the millers (2013)

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We are the Millers is guaranteed to make viewers laugh at the stress of January. The film centers around four unlikely characters who get together as a family to smuggle drugs, but being a bogus family isn’t as easy as they first think. The four characters each have their own quirks, which makes for a hilarious watch as their contrasting personalities create wacky storylines the quartet must find a way out of, no matter how absurd their solutions are.

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Overall, the film leaves viewers laughing at the expense of the main characters while simultaneously cheering them on despite their quest being a literal crime. Always, We are the Millers is a wellness film with its unique storyline and characters.

Instant Family (2018)

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Instant family is a healthy watch that moves away from the cute vibe seen in all those frenzied Christmas movies over the holiday season. The film focuses on a couple and their journey to adoption, but when they start welcoming three unruly siblings, they quickly feel like they’re not made for the role of mom and dad.

Instant family combines humor, chaotic energy and heartwarming moments that leave viewers both laughing and holding their hearts. The feel-good movie is based on the director’s true story of fostering, making Instant family even healthier.

American Pie (1999)

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Eugene Levy and Jason Biggs in American Pie.

the years 1999 american pie continues to be the comedy of all comedies. The first film in the film series focuses on a group of teenagers looking to lose their virginity, resulting in a lot of awkward scenes for viewers and characters. The film captures the hilarious but relevant situations that many teenagers find themselves in, it highlights the experimentation and the angst.

Ultimately, american pie has a hilarious but precise take on teenagers, resulting in a disturbing scene with a pie that takes a lot of willpower not to laugh out loud. The whole thing is definitely a movie that will have viewers laughing and cringing at the same time, making it a great movie to fight the January blues.

Planes, Trains And Automobiles (1987)

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Del and Neal realizing they've been robbed on planes, trains, & cars

Any movie starring John Candy or Steve Martin is bound to be funny: Planes, trains and automobiles is a perfect watch when you miss the festive spirit seen around Thanksgiving and Christmas. The film follows Neal who tries to get home in time for Thanksgiving when he meets Del who is also traveling during the vacation period.

The pair couldn’t have had less in common but continue to work as a duo to find other ways to travel after Neal’s flight is canceled. The film tells the story of an unlikely friendship, an affair, and even has a hidden message that reminds viewers not to judge others. It’s a feel-good movie that has heartwarming moments alongside some utterly outrageous scenes including Del’s smoking habit and lack of focus which almost sees the couple flare up much to viewers’ amusement. .

Ferris Bueller’s Party (1986)

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Everyone has dreamed of calling a sick person at work, school, or even at family events and Ferris Bueller did just that by Ferris Bueller’s day off. Ferris is determined to make his day off count, so he rallies his girlfriend and best friend for some fun during the day.

However, their adventurous escapades are ruined when they constantly have to avoid the school principal and Ferris’ sister who seek to catch the group in their lies. Ferris Bueller’s day off encourages viewers, even today, to go on their own sick day adventure, the film advocates new experiences, which is a perfect way to achieve those ambitious New Year’s resolutions.

Horrible Bosses (2011)

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Jennifer Aniston and Charlie Day in Horrible Bosses

Everyone’s had a boss they can’t stand, but Nick, Dale, and Kurt decide to take that dislike to a new level when they hire a hitman to take out their three gruesome bosses. The movie is another comedy that will ask viewers to return to work when they realize their boss isn’t as bad as they could be.

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It’s a hysterically funny comedy that sees a cast of stars engage in some pretty far-fetched situations that leave their deserved bosses tracked down by a hitman, but not everything goes as planned. Horrible bosses is an observational comedy that highlights the things a lot of people think but wouldn’t actually do, allowing viewers to relate to this somewhat sick comedy, making it a perfect movie to watch before heading back to work. after the festive break.

Bridesmaids (2011)

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Maya Rudolph in wedding dress sitting in the middle of the street with food poisoning in bridesmaids

All of that Christmas and New Year’s engagement can make it easy to feel smothered in wedding plans, bachelorette parties, and lonely, but Bridesmaids is guaranteed to sum up all of these feelings while also highlighting how love isn’t always found in a romantic partner. The film follows Annie who recently lost her job and feels like a failure compared to her best friend who is busy planning her wedding.

Wedding plans ignite when controversy over who will be the best bridesmaid arises. Bridesmaids presents the ups and downs of preparing for marriage through hilarious scenes of food poisoning, drug-fueled airplane rides and jealousy. This offbeat comedy focuses on women and friendships and ultimately has a happy ending that the bride and viewers are hoping for.

Game night (2018)

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The pandemic has seen the increase in board game purchases and home game nights, but what happens when a mysterious murder game turns into a real kidnapping. Game night puts an unusual but hilarious twist on something that seems so mundane when the couple are faced with trying to solve an actual game.

The movie has action, comedy, and suspense with the awesome pairing of Rachel McAdams and Jason Bateman resulting in some wacky situations. The film offers a refreshing change to the world of action comedies with a stellar cast that leaves fans cringe and wipe away tears of laughter.

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