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Gossip Girl Relationships as Songs of Taylor Swift


Few other teen dramas have romances as memorable as Gossip Girl. From its release to the present day, audiences remember what Chuck and Blair, Dan and Serena, and Rufus and Lily made them feel when they watched the series. The decadence of Gossip Girl is its main draw, but the chaotic love between its characters is the Midas touch.

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While rehashing the loves of GG the characters could be fun, it would be even nicer to sum up their love stories using tunes from the Empress of Love Songs, Taylor Swift, whose lyrics manage to capture the universal emotions that partners can arouse ‘at each other when they are together.

Dan & Serena: You belong to me (Taylor version)

“You Belong With Me” is sung from the point of view of a girl who is a stranger who is watching, especially a handsome boy who has caught her eye. Begging her lover, she tries to convince him that she is his true soul mate, and if that doesn’t sum up Dan and Serena’s relationship, little does.

Being a boy from Brooklyn on the fringes of the affluent background that Serena dated, it was almost impossible for her to fall in love with someone like him. Dan was pining for his loving lady, found a way in and even managed to make her fall in love with him, which is one of the most romantic scenes in Gossip Girl. He had known from the start that they were made for each other.

Chuck & Blair: The Way I Loved You (Taylor Version)

If a fan’s unruly lust for love is strong, they should listen to “The Way I Loved You” by Taylor Swift. The lyrics paint a vivid photo of a young woman with the “right man” – charming, polite and comfortable – but misses her ex who made her scream with passion, frustration and gave her something to fight for .

Chuck and Blair were one of the toughest couples to ship on the show, and they had one of the best marriages on Gossip Girl, but not easily. The couple struggled first and foremost: Chuck couldn’t profess his love, Blair was traded for a hotel, she forgave him but dumped him to forge her own path, then met an unsavory prince on the way . Dan suited him perfectly, but he missed his chaotic, madly loving relationship with Chuck and continued to be with him.

Cyrus & Eleanor: Lover

Eleanor Cyrus Married Gossip Girl

Taylor Swift’s “Lover” is a heartwarming song about two soul mates who have found each other, built a house together and intend to be together every summer from now until forever. A popular choice for a wedding song, it describes a simple, pure and joyful love where the two lovers want to be together for an eternity.

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Blair’s mother Eleanor found the sweetest man to herself in the exuberant and loving Cyrus Rose, who cared deeply for her and Blair and wanted nothing more than to be married to Eleanor. They supported each other and were completely safe – a love for the ages.

Rufus & Lily: Paper rings

Swift’s “Paper Rings” is a bouncy track that tells an adorable love story between two people who played “cat and mouse for a month or two or three,” but couldn’t help but feel like ‘be attracted to each other like a magnetic field. These lovers would ditch the shiny things they love and get married with paper rings just so they can be together.

Lily and Rufus’ love lasted for decades, and they also had an epic dating love affair when Rufus used to tour with his band, which ended soon after but resumed. with controversy Gossip Girl love triangle when they met again, older. Lily loved beautiful things, but when the grand marriage with Rufus was disrupted due to the arrival of their estranged son, she married Rufus in an intimate loft function because their love meant more to her than a glowing ceremony. .

Dan and Georgina: we’ll never get back together

Dan and Georgina talk about Gossip Girl

Some relationships are doomed to fail from the start, but people do their best to revive them in a cycle of breakups and makeup that gets more and more tedious until one of them. finally closes the chapter forever. “We’ll never get back together” tells the story of an exhausting and boring relationship like this, full of lies and silly excuses.

This song matches Dan and Georgina, everyone’s favorite villain on Gossip Girl, Perfectly. Georgina told Dan several lies to keep him away from Serena, which led to a banter between them, after which she left. However, when she returned, she was in a serious state of pregnancy with Dan’s supposed baby. She lied to him about Milo’s paternity and almost left him with a child that wasn’t his, and Dan would certainly never want to get back together with Georgina again at any time after that.

Serena & Nate: Illicit Business

Gossip Girl Serena after sleeping with Nate

folklore “Illicit Affairs” was about exactly that – a relationship born out of infidelity, kept a secret, and how it affects the couple and the people around them. Stolen looks and clandestine encounters lead to an initially thrilling affair, but ends in lies and sadness.

Serena and Nate started out as an illicit affair as Nate was dating his best friend Blair. They had a perfect, satisfying time, but it couldn’t hold and Serena had to leave town to protect Blair and herself. It caused pain in all directions, and Nate and Serena couldn’t get the spark back even when they tried a few years later when all was forgiven.

Blair & Nate: Fifteen (Taylor Version)

gossip girl blair nate

Intrepid (Taylor’s version) had several songs wiser and older than Swift herself at the time, but “Fifteen” was a song where she sang about finding first love at a tender age and felt fooled by broken promises because that one cannot know better at that age.

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Nate was Blair’s first love, and she had been with him for their entire school life. She could see their future unfolding in front of them over the next few years, but she had no idea that Nate and Serena had an chemistry that culminated in feelings and sex while she wasn’t watching. The song perfectly describes how Blair would have felt when his high school sweetheart wasn’t the only one after all.

Blair & Louis: I knew you had problems

gossip girl blair while dating louis

Besides singing heartwarming songs about true love, Taylor Swift also writes some of the best breakup songs, and “I Knew You Were Trouble” is one of her greatest musical tales about choosing the wrong man by being dazzled. by his facade, and later realizing that he was not who he claimed to be and that it was all a mirage.

Poor Blair wanted to be a princess so badly that she got involved with Prince Louis without doing due diligence. He seemed like the real deal who didn’t care that she was pregnant with Chuck’s child and treated her well, but as soon as they got married he revealed to her that she was trapped in a loveless union with a heavy dowry to get out of if she wanted. Blair knew she was walking on water but she fell in the dream anyway.

Chuck & Eva: The Wildest Dreams (Taylor version)

A short-lived tangle with a bad boy and a nice girl singing about how she knows they’re going to end, but she wants him to remember her in a cute dress at sunset. The trending song is about a forbidden but memorable romance that Taylor will remember forever.

Chuck and Eva, too, had a fairytale romance that went from the quaint streets of Paris to the penthouses of the Upper East Side. Eva was a simple girl, and she knew it was too good to be true, so she left Chuck with nothing but good wishes and happy memories, like the song.

Dan & Blair: The 1

On Gossip Girl, Dan escorts Blair in a pink ball gown and tiara through the steps of the Met Museum

Taylor Swift’s melancholy ballad about a former lover she thought was The One resonates a lot with many people. Sometimes it seems like you’ve found the perfect person until it doesn’t work out, but you can’t help but wonder what life would have been like if they hadn’t broken up, and how badly. it could have been sweet and fun. summer.

The bittersweet ballad appears to have been made for the infamous Dair – a couple who sync up so perfectly when it comes to interests, hobbies, passions and emotions that it’s a shame they can’t. quite get there. Dan and Blair were a strong, healthy couple, and in another world they would have been together forever.

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