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Lancaster couple had COVID, didn’t go to their own wedding + the party always took place


What do they say? Sometimes you can’t control the situation, but you can control the way you react.

What a story. I think it was such a great reminder to go with the flow sometimes, that I asked the couple if I could share the story.

On Wednesday evening, a Lancaster couple found out they would be unable to attend their own wedding reception. A wedding reception that they had to reschedule already a year later because of COVID. Sadly, COVID hit them and they couldn’t make it to their own wedding.

Imagine how hard that must be to hear.

It’s 4 days before. What are you going to do? Cancel that? The wedding venue probably won’t reimburse you. At least not all. So the party must go on. The wedding reception took place, but not in the presence of the bride and groom. At the head table, a big screen TV was where the couple would have been seated, with them virtually “at the wedding”. Even dressing in their dress and costume to dance in the living room during the wedding, they made the most of it.

“I danced for hours in my living room in front of an iPad in my dress, sweated and still managed to have a cute hangover,” bride Katie Harder wrote on Facebook.

I went to high school with Katie and her husband Brian and they’re two of the nicest people, but I’ll tell you, they would have had every reason to be angry, but they made the most of it. It’s a good reminder that sometimes you just have to go with the flow and control what you can control.

Congratulations, Brian and Katie!

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