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Porsche spoilers, models in black cat burglar costumes and word of a new restaurant Bryan Caswell – Inside a Chic Houston Night

Oyou can’t expect this kind of night in June when so many swans have flown off to cooler climes. So what a pleasant surprise it was to arrive at the Christopher Martin Gallery to find a herd of fast cars, including a to-die-for Bentley Continental convertible, parked out front and a rocking stage inside the sleek art space by Colquitt. And to have the hint of a new restaurant in Houston in the works.

Diamonds and watches from Valobra Master Jewelers, Porsche-mounted rear spoilers (spoilers) turned into stunning works of art by Johans Lamic, and chic menswear vignettes from Lucho vied for the attention of the clutch which became more chic throughout the night.

And then there were 22 years Collin Lawrence who had older ladies swooning over his resemblance to a very, very young Robert Redford. Collin is the cousin of the associate director of the gallery Abigail Henningsena beauty in her own right, who dazzled with the director of the gallery Ally Ondaza. Might as well mention here the stunning models in black cat burglar costumes accessorized with piles of sparkling jewelry from Valobra. Eye candy everywhere.

Lamic was equally pleasing to the eye when the 6ft 6in commercial airline pilot and artist visited interested collectors for his intriguing Whale Tail Project, works created in his studio in Mallorca. “Whale tail” is the nickname given to the tail fins/spoilers on mid-century Porsches – and these are the basis of the collection.

“It’s an artistic project linked to Porsche. It’s a tribute to the history of Porsche racing,” explains Lamic in his charming French accent. “We use real 930 turbo spoilers, which are very important in Porsche history, to make it a work of art.

“It’s an emotional bridge between the past and the present.”

Valobra models Cat Burglar wearing Valobra jewelry posing on Franco Valobra’s cherry red Ferrari (Photo by Daniel Ortiz)

The spoiler’s colorful artwork is handcrafted in a process that takes six weeks and is comprised of genuine Porsche elements. In keeping with the theme, there are nine Whale Tail series with 11 designs for each. As in the Porsche 911. The limited editions should become coveted collector’s items.

Between two talks Dr Roland Maldonadorecent trip to Jordan (yes, he saw Petra), event planner Deborah Elias‘ big Porsche party in August and Kristen Canon making Valobra’s new enamel collection a great success, we learned that the chef Bryan Caswell and restaurant interior designer Erin Hicks (who are also life partners) team up to create a new restaurant in the Upper Kirby District.

Amanda Mills, Roland Maldonado (Photo by Daniel Ortiz)
Amanda Mills, Dr. Roland Maldonado at the Valobra, Christopher Martin Gallery and Lucho’s Summer Party. (Photo by Daniel Ortiz)

Gentle Ben libations, DJ sounds Chris Zane with the smart battery of a pioneering solar entrepreneur Michael Scherer of CraftStrom powering the turntables. Bites of Steak 48 and dreams of driving off in Post Oak Motorcars’ Bentley convertible added to the early summer hustle and bustle.

PC seen: by Lucho Hector Villarreal, Amanda Mills, Jennifer and John WarrenRoz and Alan Pactor, Stuart Rosenberg, Alicia Bakowski, Roz and Alan Pactor, David Victor, Bryce Bell, Richard Piazza, Michelle Alvaradoand Peggy and Darrel Delahoussaye.