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“She slipped head first into the cake”: couples share their nightmarish wedding stories

It is considered a tradition for the father of the bride to give the bride away, but as this user recounted, the father of the bride in this case had a totally different idea of ​​his role in the proceedings.

“My brother’s third marriage. Everyone introduces themselves except the father of the bride, who arrives almost an hour late in a t-shirt and jeans. Produced to loudly exclaim what he would do to bridesmaids. Insult the groomsmen for dressing up.

A groom shared how his wedding party was met with a booking nightmare moments before the ceremony began.

“On our wedding day, we discovered that the venue had booked two outdoor weddings at the same time – ours, and another in a gazebo, not far from ours. Somehow, the father of the bride at the other wedding found out that our processions were going to be at the same time. He also discovered that our procession included a bagpiper (myself and the groomsmen all in kilt), while his daughter’s wedding procession must have a harpist, ”one user wrote.

“He approached me and asked me very kindly if we would consider delaying our procession by about 20 minutes so that our bagpipers don’t drown their harpist. After chatting with my future wife, we agreed that a 20 minute delay was not a big deal for us.

“Unfortunately, the father of the bride should have taken other factors into consideration and delayed his daughter’s wedding. Because their procession went off without a hitch and everyone at their wedding heard their beautiful harpist, but the wishes were practically inaudible once our bagpipes started at the requested time 20 minutes later.

This wedding, however, went off without a hitch. It was at the reception that things quickly took a worrying turn.

“My cousin recently got married to his longtime partner and the wedding itself went really well,” wrote one user.

“The reception was, however, somewhat spoiled by the parents of the bride who announced in the middle of the night and completely out of the blue that they would be getting a divorce.”

A horror marriage story had a happy ending.

“Friends had a small wedding, with the reception in a private area of ​​a restaurant, with around 30 people. After the meal, our server walked through the doors with the 3 tier wedding cake in his arms. When it came to the front and center, it slipped and hit the ground like a boulder – head first in the cake, ”one user shared.

The wedding cake was the victim of a wedding. Source: Getty Images.

“The initial laughter stopped quickly when it looked like she might be hurt because she wasn’t moving. She stood up with help, visibly sore, but crying as hard as I have ever seen. Apologize hysterically over and over again. Fast forward a few hours, and luckily she was doing fine physically. But best of all, she served cashed New Yorkers who felt bad for her and were now drunk.

“I don’t know what the host couple gave her, but I’m sure she picked up an extra $ 5,000 from the guests. She was crying again when we left, but for a whole different reason.