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Valenzuela mayor Gatchalian opposes same-sex marriage, divorce and abortion

MANILA, Philippines – Valenzuela City Mayor Rex Gatchalian, who is running for a congressional seat in the 2022 election, said Thursday he opposes same-sex marriage, divorce and abortion as they are going against the values ​​of the community.

“There is a separation of church and state, but the country is predominantly Christian and we also need to keep abreast of the realities on the ground. So, me categorically, this country is not ready for that. Our values ​​are not yet aligned with that, ”Gatchalian told INQside Look on Thursday when asked if he was in favor of same-sex marriage.

“So, ako (me), I am not in favor of it because I do not think that it corresponds to the values ​​of the community. I don’t think it fits the values ​​of the nation as a whole. Parang wala pa tayo doon his na ‘yun mentality or his kultura na’ yun (it seems we are not yet in that mentality or that culture), ”he added, noting that a congressman should represent the values ​​and principles of its constituents.

He also said he was against divorce.

“Not in favor of that either…” Pag nakikinig ka sa mga (if you listen to your) voters, they are very conservative in the sense of family values, “he stressed.

“I am not in favor of divorce because they are values ​​that are not smart or in tune with the local constituency or the wants and desires of local communities,” he further explained.

The mayor also said he was opposed to abortion.

Gatchalian said when he was in Congress years ago he said he was not in favor of abortion except in cases of rape.

However, he is now completely against it, whatever his nature, as his community leaders have told him that a life is a life even though it will be born out of bad deeds.

Gatchalian is once again seeking a place in Congress for the 2022 elections as representative of the first district of Valenzuela, a position he previously held for two terms before being elected mayor of the city in May 2013.


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