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‘Welcome to the Christmas family reunion’: 5 things to know about the Lifetime movie


Lifetime’s “Welcome to Christmas Family Reunion” follows the story of event planner Amy (played by Michelle Argyris), who helps client Tiffanie (played by Asia’h Epperson) plan her family reunion. vacation family.

Along the way, Amy must deal with difficult family dynamics as well as her growing feelings for Tiffanie’s cousin, Calvin (played by Alonzo B Slater).


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When is “Welcome to the Christmas Family Reunion” released and where can you watch it?

“Welcome to the Christmas Family Reunion” will be released November 29, 2021 on Lifetime.

What is “Welcome to the Christmas Family Reunion”?

The official synopsis reads: “When ambitious event designer Amy Kessler is hired by acclaimed pop singer Tiffanie Christmas to host her big family’s fabulous ten-year reunion, she unexpectedly begins to fall. in love with Tiffanie’s cousin, Calvin, who decides to team up with her. to help organize the best family reunion ever “.

Who stars in the movie Lifetime?

Michelle Argyris as Amy Kessler

Born and raised in Ontario, Michelle Simone Argyris is a popular Canadian actress of French and Macedonian descent. Michelle’s acting career began when she was cast as Alex Froshiber in the horror film ‘Devil Seed’ in 2012.

Shortly thereafter, Michelle landed leading roles as Kendra Lennon in the “General Hospital” series, Kaelie in “Shadowhunters” and Miss G in “Big Top Academy”.

Michelle Argyris (IMDb)

The rest of the cast includes Alonzo B Slater as Calvin Christmas, Asia’h Epperson as Tiffanie Christmas, Vanessa Williams as Eve Christmas, Wendy Raquel Robinson as Mona Christmas, Catherine Haena Kim as Kayleigh, Lavelle Roby as Aunt Alma, Tim Russ as Uncle Leon, Kayvon Esmaili as Frankie Diaz, Megan Davis as Pia Perna, Thomasina Gross as Letty, Rich Paul as Eli, Raymond Forchion as Terrence, Greg Lewis as Bistro Customer, Mark E McBride as Jonah.


The film’s writers are Michael H Daniels and Jake Helgren, the latter also being the director.


We haven’t seen a trailer for this movie yet, but stay tuned for updates!

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