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Xavier Omar talks about the new EP ‘Blurr’

Xavier Omär is a service provider. In his personal life, he is a husband and a new father. In his professional life, he is a singer and composer.

It’s Omar’s Day blurry The EP came out and he went out to buy furniture for his family’s new home in Dallas, Texas. They moved there a few days before our interview.

“I’m still in full transition mode,” Omär told R&B over the phone. He says the title of the EP reflects his feelings about his new chapter in life.

“It’s been an absolute blur learning about fatherhood,” shares Omär, who welcomed his daughter with his wife last fall. “It’s been kind of a blur in relearning marriage, which no one has told me about. Once you have a child in a marriage, obviously some things have to change because their body has changed. and his needs towards you, at least temporarily, have changed.

Omär admits fatherhood has kept him pretty busy. Although this role is always his priority, he does not want to neglect his fans.

“I have to provide for my family and I have to be there for my fans. I don’t have the bandwidth to put together a full album right now, but I wanted to make a body of work available to people,” Omär says of the EP’s goal.

He recorded the six-track project in his home studio, including an interlude by Kyle Dion. “These are the five I really trusted and wanted to post.”

Blurr is the sequel to his 2020 album, if you feeland his first project since his release RCA recordings. (He signed to the label in 2018 and announced it the following year.) if you feel, Omär wanted listeners to “fully feel every emotion” on the album. This time on blurryhe hopes they can connect to it in some way.

“If any of those things are a moment in your life or if it’s something you can relate to, I just hope you connect with it,” he says. “Even if it’s just a song, connect with that song and let it be something that helps you.”

In Rated R&B’s interview with Xavier Omär, the singer-songwriter breaks down every song of his blurry PE.

XO Creative Club, LLC

1. “A Dream” with Pat Junior

Producers: Jay Versace and Oxthello

I connected with Jay Versace through [Twitter]. I did not know [if] he knew who I was or wanted to work. I just kind of took a chance there. We went through several different files. [“A Dream”] is the one that really impressed me. It made me think of times in life when it was like, “I want to progress,” but in reality, it’s not really happening. It’s super melancholic. The idea was that a person had a dream [about] this thing they wanted, but then they woke up [and] the thing wasn’t even real. It was hard to explain that to Pat [Junior] because it’s a super abstract feeling. It’s not very absolute. But he ran with it and painted the picture on the song so well. I couldn’t have chosen anyone better. It was one of my favorite songs to record.

2. “A concept”

Producers: Sango, Soap and Kaelin Ellis

Typically, I draw from my life. I didn’t have to do it on this song (laughs). The rhythm was titled “Concept”. Often I pull from the title of the beat. I was just trying to think of how I could incorporate that. I was looking The ultimatum on Netflix. It’s like all those twenty-somethings who say, “Marry me or leave,” which is ridiculous. They think they are with the person they want to be with, but they feel like they are missing something from that person. Now here’s that other person they’re experimenting with [who is] giving them [what they’re missing.] This song is about the frustration within the relationship because you want it to work, but it feels like it’s not working.

I took this idea from these frustrations, and instead of just holding them back, I just give them to my partner. I wrote it from a woman’s perspective to allow her to voice whatever she’s thinking and make it plain and clear what’s going on. I think part of love that people don’t understand is that this kind of communication helps build the relationship because it’s always honesty and you share your emotions.

3. “Kyle Dion’s Voice Note”

Producers: N / A

Kyle will text me drunk or [send me a] drunk voice note a few times a year, especially if he hears my music. The fact that he sings “Blind Man” drunk is just enough for me (laughs). I knew people would appreciate that. Also, I had been telling him for a while, “I’m going to put one on the project,” because I have a lot of him.

4. “Tarantino”

Producers: Sango and Stwo

This record is essentially the story of my father and my mother. When [my dad] was in college, he saw my mother on campus. He went to talk to her, but my mother was already engaged. Her fiancé was gone. They were in Mississippi [and] he was gone. I believe he was somewhere in the Midwest working to make money for their wedding and money for the wedding. So while he’s gone, my dad steps in and does his thing. The song is me trying to be a modern version of my dad in this situation. I thought it was an interesting story. Once I discovered it, I was like, “No, that’s crazy.” I have confidence, but I don’t have that kind of confidence. If you’re engaged, I’ll probably leave you alone. He didn’t care. So yeah, it’s a fun song.

5. “Feelings 4 You”

Producers: Business Boi, Derelle Rideout, Pelham & Junior, Billy Blunt and Justin Crawford

That’s pretty much the story of my wife and me. We were friends at first. I tried to talk to him several times. She [wasn’t] to see her. I think I did it two or three times, and she just didn’t agree. I had given her that last kind of plea, which is crazy because when a woman says “no” to me, it’s just no and I’m fine. For some reason, I couldn’t let her go. I just continued for that. Once I got to that point of like, “If she says no, after all that, move on.” So I did, and she didn’t give me an answer anyway. So I was like, “Okay, cool. I will give up. She just wants me to be a friend, so I’m just a friend. I think within five days we were together. I was on tour, I saw her in person, and that was about it (laughs). After all these feelings, she also made a decision. This song is about me making this final plea: “I know we’re friends, but I want to. I think it can work, and I think you want it too.

6. “Not in Los Angeles”

Producers: ROM and Shaan

It made me feel really introspective. I thought of other people, as well as myself, being at a point where you have to realize that you can’t run away from your problems because you are the common denominator. So the idea is, “Oh, I can’t wait to leave my city because once I leave my city, I’m chasing my dreams. Maybe I’ll move to Los Angeles. I won’t have any problems. It will be good. If you’re the common denominator, it doesn’t matter where you are because all those things you’re running from are still there. Even if you think it will be better for you, the problems will still be there because you have things to deal with. So that was the basis of the song, and in the end, I leaned on my faith.

Listen to Xavier Omar’s blurry EP below.